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At American Handheld Weaponry, we can help you with custom firearm builds! We specialize in personalizing your firearm to conform to you and you alone. We have an array of weapons to include all types of Handguns, Rifles, Custom AR Builds, Knives, Stun-Guns, Ammunition and accessories.

We can also clean & repair your existing firearms. If you don't like what we already have, we can order it and usually get it within 48 hours. All firearms purchases require an ATF-FDLE background check. You must have a valid ID and Concealed Weapon or Firearms License in order to take your purchase the same day, otherwise, there is a 5 business day waiting period in Broward County.

It's your right to defend what you love! We are a "Safety-First" company and strive tirelessly to provide full customer satisfaction. Expect personalized attention! We listen and can advise on any technical questions you may have and guarantee our work. Weapon handling and classes are available upon request.

You’ll find firearms & customized weaponry! Custom AR Builds, parts & accessories for firearms to include ammunition and licensing classes. Our guns store is shared with Champion Motorcycles. They are a full service repair, parts, accessories and Dyno-Tune shop. If you're looking for a gun shop in Plantation, FL, visit us today!

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